The styling duo

An inspired & creative interior concept put together by two talented individuals who are truly passionate about color, design and bringing ideas together to beautify spaces.

Founded by two mothers, Sarrah & Huma began their journey by collaborating together as a start-up now known as ‘The Styling Duo’. This artistic duo came together due to their fondness and love for interior design, knowing that they both share the same vision of turning their creative ideas into reality.

Over the course of time, Sarrah & Huma have collectively facilitated many clients in UAE by turning their houses into beautiful homes. This is done through reflecting their naturally inspired artistic ideas into the client’s house and beautifying it. What defines The Styling Duo is that they truly undertake each project separately by truly understanding the requirement of each client. This has led to numerous recurring clients, which are pleased to work with the talented duo and seek their ideas and guidance of not just decorating their homes but also upholding it over time.



Sarrah Ajabshah

Sarrah brings with her a creative & talented skill set which has been naturally acquired over the years. Her passion for Interior Design grew instinctively over the course of time and so she decided to pursue it professionally.

Born & raised in the cosmopolitan city of Karachi, Sarrah is driven by creativity and positive vibes! She has a diverse portfolio of professional experience in USA, UAE and Pakistan. A Recruitment Consultant by profession, she has successfully enjoyed her corporate career in Human Resources.

A mom of two and a multi-task expert, Sarrah is profoundly passionate about her venture ‘The Styling Duo’ where she can reflect her creativity, be herself and love what she does!


Huma Mirza

Born and raised in Pakistan, Huma has a vast accomplished educational back-ground. Consistently being the First position holder in her school and college. She is a Gold-Medalist and a First Class; Distinction holder from Coventry University; United Kingdom.

Huma is a high achiever and her growth mindset led her to spend her summers at London School Of Economics. Her interest in Fashion and passion for Interiors, guided her to undertake various design and brand management courses from The University of London in the United Kingdom. She also recently successfully completed a certification from Harvard Business School.

Huma has spent more than a decade, living and working in various multi-cultural environments in the United Arab Emirates & the United Kingdom. Her entrepreneurial mindset, along with her ability to design and create delightful and harmonious spaces led to the creation of The Styling Duo. Huma is a philantraphist, yogi & an avid art collector amongst her various other passions.

I recently had the pleasure of discovering the Styling Duo website, and I must say, my experience surpassed all expectations

Jennifer Smith

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